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Experience Authentic Fishing Tourism in Stintino

Imagine setting sail early in the morning on a real fishing boat while the fresh sea breeze caresses your face over the crystal-clear waters of the Sardinian sea. On board our Motopesca Alex, we will take you into the pulsating heart of Sardinian maritime tradition, offering you an authentic adventure that goes beyond a simple tourist excursion.

Who We Are

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Born and raised in the embrace of the Sardinian sea, Davide is the beating heart of this adventure. An experienced skipper with over a decade of experience in the nautical sector, he has made the sea not only his passion but his life. His knowledge of the Gulf of Asinara and its waters is unparalleled, the result of years spent navigating, exploring, and, of course, fishing. But Davide is not just a sea expert; he is also a guardian of Sardinian maritime traditions, dedicating his life to sustainable fishing practices that respect and preserve the marine ecosystem. With Davide, every outing at sea becomes a journey through time, a living lesson on the sea culture that has shaped this magnificent island.

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Silvia, with her enterprising spirit and passion for the sea, completes the soul of this unique experience. Deeply rooted in the territory of the Asinara Park, Silvia has gained extensive experience in the tourism sector, combining it with a natural talent for photography and a passion for local cuisine. Her ability to transform the catch of the day into delicious delicacies is just one of her many skills. As a professional photographer, Silvia knows how to capture the essence of every moment spent at sea, allowing guests to carry away indelible memories. With a keen eye on sustainability and respect for the environment, Silvia is also a tireless promoter of Sardinian culture and traditions, making every Fishing Tourism experience a moment of sharing and discovery.

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Together, Davide and Silvia are more than a team; they are a family that welcomes each guest with warmth, offering a Fishing Tourism experience that is a blend of adventure, culture, and sustainability. Boarding the Motopesca Alex means becoming part of a story that continues to be written every day, in respect of the sea and its ancient traditions.

You can’t say you’ve visited Sardinia if you haven’t tried Fishing Tourism.


Don’t miss out on this experience

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Discover the Unique Charm of Fishing Tourism in Stintino

Join a unique adventure where you can:

  • shrimpBecome a Fisherman for a Day: You’ll learn how to handle fishing nets and discover the secrets of traditional fishing, all under the expert guidance of Davide, a sailor with years of experience in the waters of Stintino.
  • shrimpExplore Marine Wildlife: Experience the thrilling moment of lifting the nets, where you can see up close the variety of marine life that inhabits the waters of the Asinara Natural Park.
  • shrimpTaste the Flavor of the Sea: Delight your palate with the freshest dishes prepared on board by Silvia, who uses the catch of the day to create authentic Sardinian cuisine.
  • shrimpVisit the Island of Asinara: Explore an authentic territory where you can discover its history, prisons, monuments, flora and fauna, and breathtaking beaches.
  • shrimpRelax in Crystal Clear Waters: Take a refreshing dip and swim in the azure and transparent waters of the most beautiful and secluded coves of Asinara.
  • shrimpLearn about Environmental Sustainability: Gain valuable knowledge on how sustainable fishing practices contribute to the conservation of the sea and its resources.
  • shrimpYou’ll Share Special Moments: Spend quality time with friends or family in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere, away from the crowds and close to nature.
  • shrimpYou’ll Take Home Unforgettable Memories: Imagine returning home with stories and photos that will tell of the incredible experience and the natural landscapes you’ve explored.

This journey is not just an excursion, but a complete immersion in a rich and fascinating maritime culture, offering you direct contact with the nature and tradition of Stintino.

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Talk About Us

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The sea holds history, secrets, and traditions… Come discover them with Us!

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Frequently Asked Questions

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It is recommended to bring sunscreen, hat, sunglasses, towel, swimsuit, jacket or sweater for the wind, and any personal medication needed. Don’t forget your camera or smartphone to capture unforgettable moments!

No, previous fishing experience is not required. Davide will guide you through the fishing techniques with the nets and provide you with all the necessary knowledge for a pleasant and safe experience.

Of course, children are welcome on board! However, we recommend that they are accompanied by a responsible adult, and please inform us in advance of any special needs.

The variety of catch depends on the season and sea conditions. Among the most common species are sea bream, sea bass, octopus, and amberjack. Davide will be happy to share his knowledge about the local marine life with you.

Yes, the experience includes a delicious lunch on board prepared by Silvia with freshly caught fish, accompanied by other local products. Please let us know in advance for any dietary requirements or allergies.

Safety is our priority. In case of adverse weather conditions, the excursion may be postponed or canceled. We will contact you to discuss the available alternatives.

You can book directly through our website, by calling us, or sending us an email. We recommend booking in advance, especially during the high season, to secure your spot.

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Contact Us

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